EMC RE's property consultancy service extends to all areas of real estate and property types, with a focus on new and challenging markets. We bring our significant global, regional and local experience to provide solid and reliable advice on a wide variety of property projects whether that is from an investor or corporate perspective.

Feasibility Studies

  • Developing primary research studies we build a picture of a market that takes into account all aspects that might affect the project that is under consideration whether that is positive or negative
  • Interviewing market players to provide a full understanding of the where the product sits in relation to existing and competing future planned projects
  • Detailing macro and micro economic conditions and how they may impact on the proposed project
  • Producing a clear picture of influencing aspects to include travel, taxes, demand and supply of materials etc
  • Describing the project and how that compares with the market demand and supply of similar product
  • Proposing amendments to the project layout and design to better fit with the demand for the product
  • Building a cash flow that details the net present value (NPV) and the internal rate of return (IRR) for the development based on pre agreed market variables such as cost of finance, take-up, rental rates, cost of construction and land
  • Providing clear conclusions and recommendations.

Estate Management

We provide professional property management consultancy from a landlord's and a tenant's prospective to ensure that efficient management, leasing, maintenance and accounting systems are implemented and that the value/occupancy of the property asset is maximised.

Landlord Advisory

We work with landlords to manage risk in single or multi let property - crucial to maximizing and preserving property value.

  • Building a holding and exit strategy to maximize the owner's investment in the property
  • Identifying market trends that will affect the property and its occupants positively or negatively
  • Planning and implementing lease renegotiation programs
  • Agreeing and managing marketing campaigns on empty space
  • Advising on a preventative maintenance program
  • Researching the occupiers to produce a risk profile and understanding of potential weakness
  • Acting on the risk profile to off-set potential rental voids
  • Advising on possible expansion opportunities
  • Advising on possible exit opportunities

Tenant Advisory

We work with occupiers to manage risk in a single or multi let property - crucial to minimizing occupation costs and risk and ensuring that corporate governance requirements are met.

  • Assisting corporate real estate teams to build a holding and occupation strategy that can be readily communicated to the business
  • Drafting communications to control the business' expectations of property and property management
  • Designing processes and procedures to ensure that the occupier meets lease and statutory obligations including lease critical dates and permits and licensing obligations
  • Advising on processes to control the gathering, updating and holding of property data
  • Drafting estate management Scope of Services to be used as a corner stone of outsourcing the provision of estate management services to third party service providers
  • Negotiating and agreeing estate management contracts with third party service providers

Property Reviews

We review individual properties and portfolios to determine their current performance and to provide recommendations as to how their performance and value can be maximised to the benefit of the property owner taking into account market conditions.

If you need property consultancy services no matter where in the world, contact EMC RE.