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 Here are examples of the market snapshots we produce – one for each quarter during the year.

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Here are examples of the market snapshots we produce – one for each quarter during the year

2011 Q1 - Mauritius General

An overview of the office real estate market in Mauritius. Q1 2011

The historic Central Business District is found around Port Louis, waterfront. Barkly Warf (on the waterfront) commands the highest rental levels as it has harbour front views and provides modern office accommodation with ample car parking. The CBD is where the government and many of the major banks have many offices.

About 14 km  north is Beau Plan, the former Sugar Plantation that has been converted into a small business park.

Approximately 12 km to the south-east of the city centre, on the main M2 route, lies Cyber City, which is the second major office centre in Mauritius. This business park was established by the Mauritian government as part of its drive to attract foreign technology companies.

2011 Q2 - Dhaka Bangladesh Housing

An overview of the residential property market in Dhaka - Bangladesh. Q2 2011

The EMC RE report looks mainly at the upmarket and mainly ex-pat housing market, ie: apartments, villas and land. As such the areas mainly covered are Gulshan North, also known as Gulshan 2, and Baridhara, located to the north-east of the centre of Dhaka.

The principal trend across Dhaka is the continuing loss of villa properties as owners are tempted to redevelop them as apartments, for which there has been insatiable investor appetite.

Developers in Dhaka do not buy land, and the local arrangement is based on joint venture with the developer paying an upfront premium for the right to develop and then

providing the land owner with a percentage of the completed development.

With a lack of villa developments a number of the embassies have constructed their Ambassador's Residences on their Chancery sites.

2011 Q3 - Kinshasa DRC Industrial

A snapshot of the industrial property market in Kinshas - Democratic Republic of the Congo . Q3 2011

Industrial properties can be found throughout Kinshasa, scattered across Gombe and the city centre. However, most of the more recent development is to the east stretching south and out towards the airport from the river port.

There are very few international businesses left manufacturing in Kinshasa. This sector was a target for significant looting during the troubles and many businesses closed or left DRC.

Demand is relatively strong, certainly for those units which are well maintained and secure. There is strong demand from retailers and there has been a proliferation of supermarket development in particular.

2011 Q4 - Port-au-Prince Haiti Offices

A snapshot of the office property market in Port-Au-Prince - Haiti. Q4 2011

Prior to the major earthquake in January 2011 there had already been a shift of "ex-pat" staff and businesses away from the centre and west of Port-au-Prince. This movement has generally been northwards in the direction of the airport and Tabarre (the location of the new US Embassy), or eastwards towards Pétionville.

This shift has accelerated Post-earthquake because of the number of buildings which collapsed in the central and western areas of the city.