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 Here are examples of the market snapshots we produce – one for each quarter during the year.

2009 Files

Here are examples of the market snapshots we produce – one for each quarter during the year

2009 Q1 - Malabo Equatorial Guinea General

An overview of the real estate market in Malabo - Equatorial Guinea. Q1 2009

The residential property market in Malabo is dominated by the oil companies, oil support companies and construction sector. Many of the oil companies lease or own land on which they have constructed residential compounds. The best residential locations outside of the compounds are generally to the south of the Airport Road near the Paraiso Hotel, Caracolas and Abayak.

The office market is very immature and otherwise smaller international businesses tend to occupy villas as offices, although there is some limited commercial space in a number of apartment buildings. The major dynamic in the Malabo market is the Malabo II development corridor where foreign businesses are being required to develop HQ buildings on at least five-stories.

The manufacturing sector in Equatorial Guinea is very limited and the market is small. Much of the historic industries (eg vegetable oils, soap, building materials) were destroyed by nationalisation and the expulsion of ex-pat and Nigerian workers. Around Malabo there is some industrial development although almost all of this is oil related (eg Schlumberger, ExxonMobil, Marathon).

2009 Q2 - Algiers Algeria Offices

An overview of the real estate market in Algiers - Algeria. Q2 2009
The areas of Algiers that are considered safest, and therefore where most corporate occupiers have located their offices are in Hydra and Pins Maritime. Hydra is the location of many of the Embassies, hotels and some business centres. Pins Maritime is the location of the Hilton Hotel and the office building known as Algeria Business Center (ABC). Dely Ibrahim is also a location which is seeing a fair amount of development and corporate interest for larger requirements.

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2009 Q3 - Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Offices

An overview of the real estate market in Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania. Q3 2009

While Dar Es Salaam is not the 'official' capital of Tanzania, it is the economic capital and, like many rapidly developing African cities, is undergoing great change in all its property sectors in terms of location, design, availability and pricing.

The city suffers from a congested and somewhat dilapidated Central Business District (CBD). While the CBD still retains the majority of businesses and commerce, the tendency for new development in recent years has been to relocate outside the immediate city centre.

2009 Q4 - Luanda Angola General

An overview of the real estate market in Luanda - Angola 2009 Q4

Angola was engulfed in a bitter 27 year civil war which ended in 2001. During that time there was virtually no real estate development in Luanda. Following the end of that civil war the country has seen massive investment, particularly in the oil sector.

The prime office area in Luanda is located along the Marginal (the road fronting the bay) and nearby streets. A second office area has developed and is continuing to be developed at Luanda Sul. This is the HQ location for a largenumber of construction companies and there has been some speculative development.

Prime areas for residential are Marginal, Mirama, Cruzeiro, Alvalade, Maianga, Maculusso, Imgobota,Quinanca, Ilha and Chicala. Out-of-town Luanda Sul has seen a huge amount of upscale development and is popular with ex-pats, although travel to the city centre can take several hours.