12 Sep 2019 - Mauritania (Nouakchott)

James Whitmee

I am in Nouakchott in Mauritania.

Whilst there is still a lot of speculation and trading of land, the pace of development continues to accelerate, and the Berad roundabout, which used to feel a considerable distance from the city centre, now almost feels like part of Nouakchott.

It is only beyond this point to the north that large sites still exist, and this is the obvious expansion corridor for the capital, being out towards the airport, secure and with a new road to be constructed linking through along the coast to the maritime port in the south.

I am staying downtown in Tevrah Zeina at the Semiramis which has two hotels in Nouakchott. It is excellent, with big rooms, very good service and reasonable. I have eaten well. There is plenty of fish in the sea off this coast, and the food generally is good.

I have enjoyed my time here and am moving on this weekend to Central African Republic, which will be a bit of a journey as I am going via Morocco and Cameroon.

Nouakchott Ribat Albahr

Ribat Albahr near Berad roundabout

Nouakchott Camels

Camels off the Route de Nouadhibou

Nouakchott New Hotel

Hotel and villa development on the beach to the north of the city

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