18 Jul 2019 - Senegal (Cap Skirring)

James Whitmee

I have been working this week in Casamance which is the southern region of Senegal, south of Gambia and towards the border with Guinea Bissau.This area is mostly a massive expanse of mangrove wetlands.

Although my destination was Cap Skirring I flew to Ziguinchor (capital of Casamance) from Dakar because the airport at Cap Skirting is closed at this time of year - it is the rainy season and tourists are not coming here now.

It is about one hours drive to Cap Skirring from Ziguinchor on a good hard-surfaced road. Most of the journey is though the wetlands, crossing rivers, etc, with occasional solid land and small villages. There is interesting wildlife down here with lots of birds, termite hills, and big lizards.

Cap Skirring is a tourist resort which centres around the huge Club Med. As Club Med operates the major flights into this region, and it only operates for part of the year, outside of those opening times the place is mostly shut up, and many of the other hotels also close.

I have been looking at the real estate market along the coast where land is up to around EUR 100 /sq with sea frontage, rapidly dropping to about half that just a relatively short distance from the sea. Houses can be leased for around EUR 1,000 per week in the holiday season, and a good ex-pat villa leased on a long-term basis is EUR 700-800 per month.

From here I will be travelling back up to Dakar for meetings next week.


Cap Skirring

Centre of Cap Skirring

Cap Skirring 2

Airport at Ziguinchor

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