10 Jul 2019 - Chad (N'djamena)

James Whitmee

I am in N’djamena in Chad, looking at the market for villas and apartments.

I am staying at La Residence which is a good hotel which you can literally walk to from the airport terminal as it is about 300 metres distant. From here it is a 5-minute walk to the top end of Avenue Charles de Gaulle, which is N’djamena’s banking district. Therefore, this central part of the city is all quite compact and accessible.

If you are looking for a large villa, I am finding it difficult to find properties which are suitable for single-occupancy, because most of the development has been of guesthouses. There is an over-supply of these, and quality is generally very poor. You pay anything between say XAF 5-12 million per month rent for say 10+ bedrooms. Pricing is quite erratic and there may be a large negotiation margin built-in.

The best serviced apartments here quote up to around XAF 2 million per month for say around 100 sq m. This would include cleaning, linen, towels, laundry, security etc. The locations which ex-pats favour are Klemat, Sebangali, and Farcha.

The weather here has mostly been stormy, as the photos shown below will demonstrate, and not too hot. I am going from here back to the UK, and next week I will be in the south of Senegal.

Chad Egrets in trees

At this time of year the trees are covered with big white birds - egrets I think

Chad Regional Bank HQ Chad Regional Bank HQ

Regional Bank's HQ


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