17 Jun 2019 - Malawi (Lilongwe)

James Whitmee

i am in Lilongwe in Makawi, looking at the office market.

I have based myself in City Centre which is the location of all of the principal institutions and embassies in the city. Just adjacent and to the north of this area there is Capital Hill (a Government reserved area), Parliament, Bingu International Conference Centre, and the Peermont and Sunbird Capital hotels.

Ironically, City Centre is actually at the edge of Lilongwe, and it very much has the feel of being on a business park. There is quite a lot of construction taking place, which seems to be more about conforming with requirements ro develop under the terms of purchase agreements, than a reflection of the market.

in fact, the office market is not particularly steong, and rents have dipped by around 20-30% on first-generation development, and prime is generally averaging USD 10-13 /sq m / month.

Golden Peacock Shopping

SOGECOA Golden Peacock Shopping Centre at City Centre

City Centre Spar

Spar at City Centre 

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