15 May 2019 - Senegal (Diamniadio)

Charles Whitmee

I am in Senegal looking at the office market in Dakar, although I have also had an opportunity to look more closely at Diamniadio.

Until recently Diamniadio was a relatively small and unremarkable town with a population of just 12,000. However, under the leadership of President MackySallDiamniadio has become the focus of a plan to revitalise the Senegalese economy and ease the population pressure on Dakar. The development of the new city is taking place around 30 km from Dakar, close to the Blaise Diagne International Airport, which opened in December 2017.

I have been driving around the area today, and it is currently largely characterised by empty, unused land and is sparsely populated. However, dotted around this zone there are some significant new developments, including the Dakar Arena, Sphere Ministeriellebuilding, Centre des Conférences de Diamniadio and the Radisson Blu. 

At the Senegindia owned site named SD City there will be over 6,000 new residential units. It would seem that, whilst the majority of these apartment blocks have been built, there is still much work to do in terms of infrastructure. Where the site meets the autoroute, there are three large office buildings which may be earmarked for occupation by the government ministries which are rumoured to be moving to Diamniadio, However, neither the apartments nor office buildings are currently occupied. 

There are more signs of activity in the industrial sector. There are currently two primary industrial schemes in Diamniadio, namely the “Platforme Industrielle Internationale de Diamniadio” (P2ID) and the “Domaine Industriel de Diamniadio” (DID).

P2ID is part of the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE) and a designated Special Economic Zone. The 53 hectare site offers fully serviced light industrial, warehousing and office space to rent but has a number of conditions, for example:

All tenants must:

1) Invest at least CFA 500 million
2) Export at least 50% of their products
3) Employ at least 5 people per 100 square metres of space taken
4) Comprise a "sustainable business” as defined by the Senegalese government

Prices for light industrial are CFA 2,000 per square metre/ month whilst office space is CFA 2,500 per square metre/ month, both with a service charge of CFA 500 per square metre per month. 

DID is larger at 162 hectares and is offering land for sale for the purposes of industrial usage only. It is not part of the Special Economic Zone and is therefore not bound by the same regulations. The price for land here is CFA 25,000 per square metre. For this price, the development company will provide water, electricity and internet connection to the edge of the site but will not offer any groundworks. There are currently a small number of businesses operating on the site- primarily food and drink manufacturers.  

The following are a selection of photos that I took today at Diamniadio:

Diamniadio Sphere Ministerielle

Sphere Ministerielle at Diamniadio

Diamniadio SD City

SD City at Diamniadio

Diamniadio Industrial Units at P2ID

Industrial units at P2ID at Diamniadio

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