01 May 2019 - Chad (N'djamena)

James Whitmee

I am in N'djamena for the week, It is very hot here currently with the temperature today around 45 degrees.

I am staying in the downtown area of the city close to Ave Charles de Gaulle. Thiis is where all of the banks are located, many of the ministries, and businesses such as Bollore, Air France, PwC and Deloitte.

The traffic is quite unpredictable, although never particularly heavy.

Since I was last here the Radisson Blu has opened close to the Hilton, and otherwise much of the construction has stopped or is proceeding very slowly. Why there are so many 5* hotels here operating at what I understand to be very low levels of occupancy, is a bit of a mystery.

The Chinese and Saudis are constructing large embassies and there are quite a few newly built and to-be-completed ministries.

Real estate is very expensive. A small serviced apartment is around USD 3,000 /month, offices are up to around USD 37.50 /sq m /month, and central commercial land is in a value range of USD 1,000-1,500 /sq m.

I have enjoyed my week here and am moving on to Algeria this weekend.

Ndjamena Ave Charles de Gaulle

Ave Charles de Gaulle - Downtown N'djamena

Ndjamena Centre Commerciale 

Centre Commercial under construction on the massive site of Cite Internationale des Affaires

Ndjamena Catholic Church 

Derelict Catholic Church on Place de la Nation

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