25 May 2018 - Tanzania (Arusha)

Arturo Pavani

Sitting exactly halfway between Cairo and Cape Town, on a lush and green elevated plain, is Arusha. This quiet and little town is home to the East African Community Offices, and the point of departure for the many safaris in the area, like the ones to the famous Ngorongoro crater, or as starting point to climb mount Meru (4562 m), which is commonly considered to be a good warm up hike for those who then want to move on to the more challenging Kilimanjaro (5895 m).

Arusha is home to about 500.000 people, and while its economy is relatively small and centers mostly around tourism and agriculture, it does boast a few interesting new developments such as PPF Plaza and NSSF Mafao House.'

I was in Arusha last week to check some industrial properties. These sector centers around two main places: Njiro and Unga Limited industrial areas.

The main roads in and around Arusha are usually in good condition, but as soon as one drives away from them, mud and potholes await, making things particularly problematic for big vehicles such as trucks and vans. The lack of reliable road access represents the main downside to many of the sites that I have visited around the town.

In general, prices for industrial and warehouse properties in Arusha sit at around 3 US$/sq m, with sales prices at around 600 US$/sq m. Land is about 35 $/sq m and construction costs can go from 200 to 400 US$/sq m depending on the quality.

Some businesses, both foreign and local, seem to have found their dimension in this small Tanzanian town, which, despite the drawbacks deriving from its climatic conditions in the wet season and the maintenance of its road infrastructure, hosts a lively industrial market, showing an interesting alternative perspective on the town's otherwise completely touristic feel.


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