10 May 2018 - Algeria (Oran)

James Whitmee

I am in Oran which is Algeria's second city after Algiers, and around 400 km from the capital.

There has been a lot of luxury apartment and touristic development here, and there is some major public construction taking place including new roads and the Stadium at Bir El Djir which is being built for the Mediterranean Games (taking place in 2021). There is a much wider choice of hotels here than in Algiers and they are generally better and cheaper.

Yesterday I was out looking at the land market in Canastel along the coast towards Kristel. Here land costs up to DZD 200,000 /sq m for a sea view, but drops back to DZD 90,000-120,000 /sq m in New Canestel, being smaller plot sizes further from the sea.

As I have found with a lot of cities I have visited in Algeria, the setting of Oran is very impressive. The sea frontage is mostly along cliffs with views down the coast, which is quite rugged and beautiful.

Oran 1

Looking out over Port towards the city centre and the Fort of Santa Cruz

Oran 2

View down the coast towards Kristel from "End of Oran"

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