01 Jul 2017 - Paramaribo (Suriname)

James Whitmee

I am in Paramaribo in Suriname on a real estate project. Suriname is former Dutch Guyana and it is a nine hour direct flight from Amsterdam.

The country has a political and economic crisis right now. Alcoa, which apparently contributed 25% of GDP has pulled out of the country, and I visited their bauxite smelting facility around 70 km from the capital the other day. It is closed, but still apparently being maintained.

There is also logging and gold extraction, some of it illegal which is causing ecological issues, and apparently some mercury contamination of the waters.

The architecture within Paramaribo is mostly Dutch colonial, with older houses mainly being built of wood. I also took the opportunity to visit the Amazon and some photographs of this, and Paramaribo, are shown below.


Fort Zeelandia - Paramaribo


Old Dutch-colonial house in Paramaribo UNESCO World Heritage Site zone


View of Amazon at Bergendal

Slave plantation

Old slave houses at plantation

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