14 Mar 2017 - Ghana (Accra)

James Whitmee

I am in Accra in Ghana. I have taken a hotel a bit out of town along the Spintex Road, and I have hired a car as I wanted to cover a lot of ground.

I have been out to Tema which is where the port is located, and Ghana’s biggest industrial area. I have also visited some of the main shopping malls including Accra Mall and RMB Westport’s The Junction. I am also hoping to get out to the other side of Accra to see West Hills.

There is still a lot of office space on the market here with prime rents mostly in the order of USD 33 /sq m with discounts or rent fees potentially available for longer lease terms of say 5 years.

In common with other African markets, Ecobank has a landmark new HQ under construction. I believe that it is over 20,000 sq m and it is alongside Independence Avenue. Further up the road towards the Airport and at the junction with the Ring Road, Standard Chartered Bank is also constructing new offices. Photos which I took are shown below.

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