15 Nov 2009 - DRC (N'Sele)

James Whitmee

Here are photos that I took today in N'Sele about 50km from Kinshasa of Mobutu's main palace. It is where he had his compound and zoo and where Mohammad Ali and George Foreman stayed in 1974 for the Rumble in the Jungle. It was ransacked when Mobutu was ousted and is now derelict. The final shot is another of his homes about 40 km from Kinshasa known as the Chinese Palace.















                                                   Mobutu Compound - Mohammad Ali's quarters















                                  Mobutu Compound - MPR Monument (covered in scaffolding as unsafe)















                                                         Mobutu Compound - Presidential house















                                                  Mobutu Compound - President's reception room















                                                                        Chinese Palace

Tags: Democratic Republic of the Congo