12 Nov 2009 - DRC (Kinshasa)

James Whitmee

I am here for the next couple of weeks. My local mobile is +243 99 021 3475. There are a number of major developments underway in Kinshasa including Hawkwood Properties' Cite du Fleuve and Rakeen's development of Gare Centrale and a hotel and conference centre opposite the Palais de Justice at Gombe. These are actually under construction and the photograph below taken earlier today shows Gare Centrale in the city centre to the right of the shot. As you can see, the city is relatively low-rise and there are some green areas including a golf course which is very central. Real estate costs are very high here with a 3-bed villa + swimming pool renting for over $6,000 /month. I would reckon that it is the 3rd most expensive city in West Africa after Luanda and Lagos.


Tags: Democratic Republic of the Congo